An Herbal Academy interview about everything from nervous system function to inclusivity in herbalism to what I love about this work.

conversation about herbal medicine as the people’s medicine with Molly Meehan Brown on The Marc Steiner Show on WEAA 88.9FM (10/8/2016)

In a #Pretty365 feature at, I talk with Dr. Yaba Blay about my work as an herbalist, why I do what I do, and more… (6/18/15)

In “Healing Nature,” Southern Maryland Newspapers Online covered the 1st Annual Chesapeake Herb Gathering–a project of Centro Ashe–which is now in its third year and growing strong! (10/2/2013)

Explore historical and cultural herbalism traditions around sadness and building joy and courage in my article, Gladdening the heart: Historical perspectives and therapeutics, written for the Journal of the American Herbalist Guild 11.


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