DIY Herbal Skin Steam and Aloe-Calendula Cleanser

We all want great-looking skin. A quick skim through any fashion and style magazine gives plenty of evidence that healthy, clear, youthful-looking skin is a hot commodity—you’ll see ads for anti-wrinkle serums and collagen creams, moisturizers, acne-fighting gels, lotions to minimize the appearance of pores. Some products are excellent (and often expensive), while others are the equivalent of modern-day snake oil.

Here’s the thing: beautiful, glowing skin (at any age) is not something that we can find in a bottle. It is something that starts from within. If we’re lucky, we’ve inherited great genes. If we’re smart about it, we also drink plenty of water, eat a nourishing diet (including plenty of essential fatty acids), and protect our skin from pollution (including secondhand smoke) and harmful ultraviolet rays. Great skin is often a reflection of our overall health and wellness. more

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